AC/DC Tour 2025

Austin, Texas

AC/DC Returns with the Power Up Tour!

AC/DC is taking Europe by storm with their electrifying Power Up Tour, and soon they'll be bringing their legendary performances to the United States. Renowned for their high-energy shows and iconic rock anthems, AC/DC continues to solidify their status as rock legends. Fans in Austin are eagerly anticipating the band's arrival, and the excitement is growing.

As AC/DC completes their European tour, their U.S. schedule is about to be finalized. Austin is among the cities likely to host one of these eagerly awaited concerts. Known for their unforgettable live performances and dynamic stage presence, AC/DC's Power Up Tour is set to be a must-see event that will leave a lasting impression.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on AC/DC's tour dates and ticket availability. We'll share all the details about a possible Austin concert as soon as the information is confirmed. Be sure to check back frequently for tour info and tickets, and get ready for an incredible night of rock 'n' roll with AC/DC in 2025!